Diversity and Inclusion at BoKlok

Our values and code of conduct depict our conviction to be better together, to act ethically and transparently, to care for life - and to protect life.

By working actively with diversity and inclusion, we translate our values into action. We want every employee to feel that they belong at BoKlok, and that they are accepted for who they are. Everyone's uniqueness is recognised and seen as an asset.


BoKlok operates in four different markets, with four different local cultures. But in every market, diversity within the different teams is appreciated and welcomed. The reason? We believe it creates a sense of wellbeing across the organisation and enables us to better appeal to our customers. By having diverse teams, we benefit from a broader understanding of our customers' needs. The BoKlok value chain is long, and that requires people with different backgrounds and experiences.

Diversity is a fact; inclusiveness is a choice.

“We are all responsible for creating an inclusive culture. When the environment is inclusive everyone feels a sense of belonging as an individual. However, we need to work every day for an inclusive work environment. It’s not a static goal that can be achieved, but something we need to build and maintain. Inclusiveness is something every employee creates every day and is developed in teams and by social interaction.”

Aija Harju, Diversity & Inclusion Leader at BoKlok