The BoKlok Way

At BoKlok, it is our aim to deliver high quality, sustainable new homes that offer great value for money. We combine this with our open and honest sales process. We call it the BoKlok way of buying a home.

Our pricing

Our homes are designed and economically produced to offer a broader, more accessible route into home ownership. Ideal for many first-time buyers.

When we are pricing one of our developments, we take into consideration our cost-of-living research. Each year we carry out a detailed analysis, evaluating average incomes and outgoings for typical households in our target customer groups. Within this analysis we assess the amount people would have left each month for housing expenses, including their monthly mortgage re-payment, once they have paid all of their household bills and covered any other, typical expenditure. This then feeds into our pricing strategy, as we strive to make homeownership more accessible to more people. We call this our left-to-live-on analysis.

Our key worker principle

When BoKlok started in Sweden in the 1990s, there was an urgent shortage of homes, specifically for people on ordinary incomes. In designing the first BoKlok home, we chose to first find out three key things:

  • Who are we building for?
  • What can they afford?
  • How do they want to live?

Step forward the key worker. The very first BoKlok home was designed for a nurse. A key worker with two children, on a fairly limited budget, who longed for a bright, contemporary home of their own, close to green spaces and public transport. The challenge to provide stylish, comfortable homes in pleasant surroundings and at accessible prices was what drove us forward then, and still does.

Since that moment, we have delivered more than 13,000 BoKlok homes, many of them to first-time buyers, all of them designed and priced with our key worker principle in mind.

Our sales approach

Communication is key

In all our communications, we aim to make sure that each aspect of our sales process is clearly and simply explained, including information given on our website.

The BoKlok sales ballot

Everyone who is interested in buying one of our new homes, and who is eligible to do so, has the opportunity to enter into a ballot, giving each person a fair and equal opportunity. If someone is ineligible, they are informed before the ballot draw takes place, stating the reason why.


Our ballot draws are filmed and shared via our website and YouTube channel. All of the ballot entries are drawn and read out in turn and are clearly displayed for all to see.

Fair and square

No-one can jump the queue after the ballot draw, everyone is treated fairly and openly - and there are no advantages for anyone involved in the project, such as BoKlok employees or external consultants. Once the ballot draw is complete, those successfully drawn in the ballot are invited, very importantly in turn, to attend our sales event, where they have an opportunity to reserve one of our homes.

From start to finish, the process is straightforward, open and fair. That’s the BoKlok way of buying a home.