Skanska and IKEA Together

BoKlok is an established and successful partnership between Skanska and IKEA.

A different residential concept 

BoKlok is an established and successful partnership between Skanska and IKEA. Our mission is to build sustainable, high quality homes with good, Scandinavian architecture, making home ownership readily accessible for more people.

Our two owners share in-depth knowledge and experience, which we harness to develop our homes. Skanska is a leading construction and development company, committed to quality and sustainability, while IKEA is a world leader in producing furniture that is well-designed, functional and affordable, delivering smart solutions designed to help people live well.

By combining Skanska and IKEA's expertise, we believe get the best of both worlds! Here's how we do it:

We are innovative and efficient, which enables us to reduce waste and as a result, reduce costs – although we never compromise on the quality of our homes, or our environmental standards.


We don’t waste space! All of our homes are well planned and maximise every square meter available. They have key BoKlok characteristics, incorporating lots of natural light and delivering modern, open plan living, which combine to create a sense of space.

Our approach is straightforward and consistent. We don’t offer costly extras or complicated adaptations. We have a limited number of house types, meaning the floorplans for our houses and apartments are the same, across all of our developments.

By building essentially the same, small number of house types over and over again, we are able to work much quicker, while reducing waste.

We also build our homes indoors in a factory. By building in an industrialised way, we can reduce waste, since we always know exactly how much we need for each home. The homes are shipped from the factory to the construction site and can be assembled on site in as little as just one day. We believe that this approach is safer, faster and less disruptive for our neighbours.