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  • I read somewhere that you have Sweden's most satisfied customers. How do you know that?

    In Sweden, BoKlok is measured annually, together with other housing developers, in an independent industry survey where customer satisfaction is ranked in a customer satisfaction index (CSI). It is estimated that just over 85% of all new homebuyers in Sweden are included in the survey. In 2021, for the fourth time in six years, BoKlok was awarded Sweden's most satisfied residential customers, something we are really proud of.
    BoKlok came in first place with a CSI (customer satisfaction index) of 79, compared to the industry average of 75. CSI describes how satisfied home buyers are and is based on homes completed for occupancy in a given year. The measurement, which aims to evaluate the moving process ranks elements such customer service, the quality of the home, affordability, and the developer’s communication and commitment to the customer.

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