Create your perfect home office or study

Whether it’s your new normal, your route to achieving a better work/life balance, or you just want to get better organised, the home office is definitely here to stay! Work, study or school work, we’ve got ideas to help you create a personal space that fits the bill.

1. Do your own thing

You don't have to choose a ready-made desky looking desk. Combine your own choice of table legs and tabletop, for a more personal workplace that’s less officey and more homey.

The company PrettyPegs manufactures stylish furniture legs and accessories for IKEA furniture. Choose a surface to suit what you are going to use the table for. An added glass top looks stylish and will protect the surface. Perfect for some kids arts and crafts, (or the occasional spilled coffee.)

3. Get in the mood 

A mood board can be motivating and inspiring when you are working at your desk. You can fill it with personal photos, inspirational quotes, projects and colour palettes, anything that you find uplifting. The right mindset means you steer yourself towards a positive approach. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration at work. And imitation is the best form of flattery!

4. Positive thinking 

Plants at the desk have been shown to create positive energy and bring life to the workplace. The soothing sway of a leafy palm, the calming effect of a peace lily. And if you don’t have much time to nurture nature, succulents make a very good easy-care option.

5. Imagine that 

A lovely background image on your computer is an invigorating way to inspire you for the day. Imbibe a bit of chill with a snowy Alpine landscape, or armchair travel to a tropical lagoon. At Design Love Fest you will find many beautiful backgrounds made in collaboration with artists and photographers - and they are free for private use!