Airport Road: Now & Then

One of our team has been looking through the Bristol Archives and came across some pictures of the pre-fabricated houses, which were built on Airport Road, to meet housing demand after the second world war ended.

While technologies and techniques have moved on considerably, almost 80 years later, we are proud to be continuing in the same vein: meeting housing demand with innovative construction methods.

At BoKlok our homes are built in a factory, using an efficient, industrialised process. They are then transported to the construction site, where they are assembled into finished houses. By building our homes from to the same blueprint over and over again, we know exactly how much material is consumed, which allows us to keep costs down and reduce waste. We also build all our houses in wood, which has a low carbon footprint and makes us more sustainable than many other developers.

Take a look at some of the photos we have discovered (below) or have an explore of the archives yourself and peruse their online catalogue – it’s a real treasure trove of photographs, illustrations and maps reflecting many different aspects of Bristol’s history.


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