Bristol selected as one of only four cities to take part in the Climate Smart Cities Challenge

Did you know that Bristol has been selected as one of only four cities in the world to take part in the global Climate Smart Cities Challenge? How exciting! And what a fantastic achievement.

It is perhaps not surprising as Bristol already boasts some impressive green credentials. It was not only the first British city to be named European Green Capital back in 2015 but it was the UK’s first cycling city and has always been very vocal about its commitment to addressing sustainability and climate change.

So what is the Climate Smart Cities Challenge?

The Climate Smart Cities Challenge focuses on specific areas that have the potential to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and at the same time deliver significant social impact, such as zero-carbon neighbourhoods, freight logistics management and green and affordable residential buildings.

Who is behind it?

The initiative is organized by Teknikföretagen, Viable Cities, UN-Habitat, Smart City Sweden, Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency, Expo 2020 Sweden and delivered by Nesta Challenges.

Who else has been selected?

The first stage of the Climate Smart Cities Challenge was a global open call to all cities. Cities from around the world were invited to get in touch with their aspirations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, whilst creating thriving communities.

The four cities selected to participate are:

  • Bristol (UK)

  • Curitiba (Brazil)

  • Bogotá (Colombia)

  • Makindye Ssabagabo (Uganda)

These four cities have now been officially invited to collaborate in the Climate Smart Cities Challenge, with the aim of developing, testing and scaling cutting-edge solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

What next?

The next stage of the challenge will support innovators to develop, scale and demonstrate impactful solutions to the specific city challenges.

  • The City of Bristol is focusing on affordable housing models

  • The City of Makindye Ssabagabo will on focused on green residential development

  • The City of Bogotá will host a challenge around freight logistics

  • The City of Curitiba is aiming to establish zero-carbon areas

The four cities will now work on confirming arrangements, stakeholder engagement and challenge definition with support from the Climate Smart Cities Challenge partners.

The full details of each city’s challenge will be launched at the World Expo in Dubai in October 2021.

We think this is such an interesting and an important initiative and we look forward to hearing more information as all four cities work to further develop ideas and solutions for their specific, chosen challenges.

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