First UK live ballot draw

Today is a momentous occasion for us at BoKlok as we will be conducting our first live ballot draw in the UK. At 7pm this evening, the draw for our first release of two and three-bedroom family homes at BoKlok on the Brook in Bristol will be taking place. The draw will be filmed and broadcast live on our website.

So what is the BoKlok ballot?

Back on 22nd February 2021, we opened the ballot for our first release of two and three-bedroom homes at BoKlok on the Brook in Bristol. Interested purchasers were invited to enter the ballot (after securing a mortgage in principle), for an opportunity to reserve one of these new homes. You can find out a bit more about the ballot application process here.

The ballot remained open for one month, closing at midday on Monday 22nd March 2021

What happens during the live draw?

Usually, we’d host a customer event so that those who have entered the ballot can attend in person to watch us conduct the draw. However, due to the current lockdown restrictions, we have moved the event online – for the safety of both our staff and our customers.

Everyone who has successfully entered the ballot has been allocated a unique code name/reference (for GDPR purposes). It is these names that will be written on individual cards and placed in the relevant ballot box – one box for the two-bedroom houses and another box for the three-bedroom houses.

Two draws will take place (one for the three-bedroom houses and another for the two-bedroom houses). All of the cards in both of the boxes will be drawn in turn.

The order in which people are drawn from the ballot box dictates the order in which they will be given an opportunity to purchase one of our homes. We will then contact customers individually to invite them to attend our sales event.

So why do we have the ballot?

We have successfully been running ballots in the Nordics for many years now. However, BoKlok on the Brook is our first UK residential scheme so tonight is our first ever ballot draw in the UK.

At BoKlok we believe that everyone deserves a fair and equal opportunity to reserve a BoKlok home. By asking everyone who is interested in reserving one of our homes to submit a ballot entry and then by drawing these names at random, we are able to give everybody an equal opportunity to go on and reserve one of our homes. We believe that this is the fairest approach.

For more information on buying a BoKlok home, click here


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