Why interior designers love IKEA!

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

There was a great article in the Sunday Times at the weekend about why interior designers love IKEA! From the vast opportunities to revamp and repurpose much of the furniture to the space saving furnishings on offer and IKEA’s flexible and customisable kitchens – what’s not to love!

If you are buying one of our new homes at BoKlok on the Brook in Bristol, your home will include a brand new IKEA kitchen as standard. What’s more, all of our show homes have been designed and delivered by IKEA interior designers, giving you lots of ideas and inspiration for creating your own, stunning space – at an affordable price.

If you are an IKEA Family member (it’s free to sign up) and you go on to reserve one of our BoKlok homes, you will also receive some additional benefits. As well as a £300 IKEA voucher, to spend in store, you will receive a free, 1.5 hour session with an IKEA interior designer - who will be able to help you maximise the space available in your new home, while adding that really personal touch.

While BoKlok on the Brook in Bristol is our first UK development, we have been successfully delivering homes across the Nordics for many years. We are always impressed by how many of our purchasers have a real flair for interior design. We really enjoy getting a glimpse of how they have personalised their homes – and many of them incorporate lots of IKEA products, which they then customise to suit their own decor and way of living. Take a look at our ‘No Place Like Home’ section on the UK website, or follow us on Instagram (@boKlok) to explore some of our purchasers’ homes and get access to some great IKEA hacks!

For Marie Zaidan and her family, who have purchased one of our new apartments in Landskrona, Sweden, “simple and clean” have been the guiding principles in choosing home furnishings and furniture. And Marie has some great tips to share:

“My best tip for anyone moving into a BoKlok apartment is to sacrifice the tall cleaning supplies cupboard...I’ve fitted mine with draws and shelves from IKEA that can be pulled out – so now it’s my pantry instead! And it’s a smart place to keep the microwave as well.”


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